The Bottom Line

The communication opportunity must translate into more than a conversation. Companies need to understand how social media initiatives actually deliver bottom line benefits specific to the business. There is no point in launching into social media without understanding the business goals, what to measure and how success will be judged alongside traditional goals of increased sales, decreased costs and greater customer satisfaction. Loopster Media will work with you to help devise the strategy to deliver on opportunities for better financial performance. Get in touch with us to talk more about your specific goals.

Once the strategy is in place, the platform provides a single interface to easily launch, manage and measure the Facebook engagement plan.

  • Build and manage great Facebook Pages and drive engagement and conversation through advanced Wall management and analytics interfaces.
  • Easy to use admin tools – drag and drop interfaces to easily create and manage content and creative assets. All that is required is CSS/HTML development skills.
  • Comment moderation tools including the option to workflow keyword specific posts.
  • Social Media applets – create continual fan engagement through a wide range of flexible tools on a single page: video, photos, polls, quizzes, competitions, messaging, sharing and more
  • Real-time analytics across all applets – how much growth have you had? What content is working, what is not working? What content should be ‘fan only’.
  • Smarter ad targeting – make better media buying decisions with clear data on who is interacting with the content.
  • Multi-lingual Facebook content creation from a single control point. No need to build multiple pages in multiple languages.
  • Social Media plugins – create the Facebook social plugins for your site direct from your interface.

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