Adding a Facebook Like Box to Your Website

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The Facebook Like box enables you to show a fan count, snippets from your Wall and a 'Like' button, all on your website.

Facebook provides a range of ways for webmasters to integrate rich social widgets into their sites. One of these widgets is the 'Like box'. The Like box is a great way to encourage new visitors to … [Read more...]

Facebook Extending an Olive Branch – Graph API Explorer

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The Facebook Graph API Explorer allows developers to execute Graph API requests from within an easy-to-use browser based interface.

If you aren't aware of it, relations between Facebook and app developers have been somewhat 'strained' (to put it mildly) since the release of the platform in 2007. The rapid evolution of the social … [Read more...]

FBML Code is Dead. What now?

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Facebook Markup Language - FBML code

If you're a Facebook Page Owner or business user, it's almost certain that you've encountered Facebook Markup Language (FBML) at some point. Until recently, it was the primary technology used to … [Read more...]